The “Rajamani Rubab” Custom made by Qaderi Rubab makers, Kabul

The Story : American Airlines broke Rajamani’s Rubab while on a tour in spring of 2019. American Airlines never took any responsibity nor paid for any damages though the fault was on their end.

Since then Rajamani took the opportunity to contact the best rubab maker of the Qaderi family in Kabul to have a custom rubab made to his liking. Rajamani had a new strings added to the traditional 3 stringed rubab instrument to give it more room for playing chords and notes.

Here is a video of the “Rajamani Rubab” made by Qaderi Family

The Qaderi family has been making the best rubab’s over centuries. Read more about the Qaderi rubab on this article on arts and culture with the following link.

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