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Fundraising for Save Lives, Save India

Dear visitor, India is facing a dangerous surge in new COVID-19 infections. It is overwhelming the healthcare system of the nation leaving many families with no medical assistance. The lockdowns are impacting the livelihoods and basic food supplies for millions of families. Please read more by clicking on this link:

Flamenco India Please Click Link to donate:

Donations: Rajamani is requesting your kind financial support to produce his groundbreaking documentary movie “Flamenco India-Romani Lonestar”. “Romani Lonestar” traces the origins of Romani genetics, music and history from India through the Middle East into Europe and the Americas. Colorful imagery of peoples and cultures with passionate music and interviews with renowned artists and scholars.  Rajamani has been one of the very few artists to bring voice to the Indian roots of flamenco and Romani culture before it became a broadly accepted fact today. 

Your  “Flamenco India” financial contribution will raise awareness in the historical and cultural education of the misunderstood Romani(Gypsy) culture. Flamenco India voices the ongoing saga of all immigrants who struggle to create a new nation, tradition and hope for others to experience, mimic and enjoy.