New Release

Flamenco India – Virtual Performance Production Oliver Rajamani’s first virtual concert production with his orchestra, which includes artist interviews. Anghuthi is a tradition folk song from Rajasthan, India arranged and performed by Oliver Rajamani. The accompanying orchestral parts for strings and woodwinds are arranged by Roberto Riggio.
Please watch the trailer and either rent or purchase the full video. Thank you for your unending support.

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“Dear supporters, I am happy to be releasing my first virtual concert supported by all the great Austin, Texas artists of Flamenco India. This has been a new adventure and a positive experience specially for me. Despite no rehearsals for this production it has turned out very beautiful. I hope you will enjoy this virtual performance. Thank you for your unending support. Best wishes to all of you sincerely – Oliver Rajamani”

Oliver Rajamani performs innovative soul stirring original music. Rajamani has created a sound of his own with the historic threads of Indian/Gypsy folk, Romani and Texas cultures and music while bringing recognition to the historical Indian origins of the Romani people.

An Austin, Texas World Music award winner, a nominee of the 2008 US Artist Award and the 2014 nominee of the prestigious German world music award in the European Charts, Rajamani has toured internationally and has recorded and performed with poets and artists wide-ranging in style including Jeronimo Maya, Gypsy Kings, Willie Nelson, Edie Brickell, L. Shanker, Eric Johnson, Ustad Shujaat Khan, Ustad Aashish Khan, Glen Velez, Paravai Munniamma, Tomasa La Macanita, Dotschy Reinhardt, Robert Bly, Coleman Barks, Paul Maar including performing for the Maharaja of Jodhpur, India, Gaj Singh II. He has been a featured artist on the NPR BBC radio, Klru PBS amongst numerous other radio, TV stations and magazines including the Tedx platform.