Taranada is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in Austin, Texas.

Mission Statement

Taranada’s vision is to serve as a cultural bridge with its mission to unite, educate, and inspire with innovative cultural arts performances and workshops


Taranada cultivates arts deeply rooted and reflective of diverse traditional cultures and serves the disadvantaged, institutionally marginalized, underserved, and misrepresented communities of Texas and the globe while educating and raising awareness of the Romani (Gypsy) population. Roma retain an Indian genetic, cultural and linguistic heritage and remain a misunderstood and largely invisible community globally. Taranada engages with Texas and international icons to bring understanding of the Romani culture, erase romanticized myths, create funding streams, and engage them in community life through the prism of music and dance. Taranada’s wellbeing and leadership skill workshops are geared towards youth, in particular the diverse and disadvantaged and incarcerated youth.

Taranada Camp Music and Cultural workshops
Taranada Camp music and cultural workshops
Taranada culture and music workshops, public performances for youth

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Oliver Rajamani,-Board Chair, CEO, Creative Leader. Responsible for musical artistry, development, performance, & implementation of musical programs. 25+ yrs. Teacher: Cultural arts, leadership skills, Leading figure in Romani’s historic Indian identity movement since 1992, working in the Romani Congress United Nations guided by UN Romani Ambassador Dr. I. Hancock. Member of Mayor Adler’s Austin Music & Creative Ecosystem Omnibus. Received proclamation for 4/29/18 as Flamenco India Romani Day. Advisory board: Asian Creatives of Greater Austin (ACGA). Decades of creating public collaborative musical works with youth/adults from underserved/unrecognized communities in COA (Hispanic, African American, Native American, Roma). 

Anita Jung, LPC-S, LPA, -Founding Board Member, Psychotherapist. Responsible for project development, community collaboration. 28 yrs. Director: Nonprofit orgs. serving underprivileged families (LifeWorks, MHMR). Clinical Advisory Board: Sims Foundatio. 20+ yrs. Psychotherapist: Entertainment Industry (Sims, MusiCares), Planning events, Teaching cultural competency seminars 

Manu Saini, -of Indian descent, Founding Board Member whose experience includes a decade of fundraising for nonprofits, Events manager, business owner.

Advisory Board

Dr. Nidhi Trehan-PhD from London School of Economics/Political Science, of Indian descent, human rights & social policy advocate, published on human rights, identity politics, NGOs/social movements, & migration, Romani community representative

Lourdes Kaman-Founding member-Mama Sana, Council member-Indigenous Women’s Network, 30+ yrs. nonprofit experience, Hispanic community representative

Beareagle-Percussionist, Native American Healer, Apache Mescalero community representative 

Harold McMillan-Cultural arts producer, performer, decades of experience across disciplines primarily in nonprofit cultural arts orgs., East Austin African American community representative

Kevin Chin-Founding member of ACGA, Director-Media Tech Ventures, Documentary filmmaker, Teacher-Austin Film Society, Asian community representative